A few Odds and Ends from Pragueland

While I’m a  working on more ambitious posts, I want to add some tidbits here and there.  The following pictures are casual, personal, and not directly too informational.  All the same, I hope they add a positive note to your day.

A Not So Cold Winter.

Pictures in Prague and elsewhere 017Yes, yes East Coast, it has been cold… for you.  HOWEVER, in much of Europe, our temperatures have been exceedingly warm.  Just like last year.  This year, I have seen snow twice in Prague, up from once last year.  So despite what East Coast-centric news mills might cover, it hasn’t been a cold winter overall.  It’s just been cold from where much of US media broadcasts, and cold where a large part of the target population resides. (The Italics denote an observation on my part,  not a straight fact)

That said, a mild winter has afforded some nice environments, though this should be my last post where browns are the dominant natural color.

To the right, Chuchelský Háj, rustles in the late-day sun.  Trails crisscross this woods, technically part of the city of Prague, and this one could lead you to a small zoo of rescued animals if you follow it carefully.  A chatty Raven and a somber fox both say hello.

Some Grafitti:

The warm weather has also allowed one of Prague’s best art scenes to thrive.  Some nice colors below to contrast the  dormant plant brush.  By the beginning of April, Mother Nature should be out-doing the colors on these walls.

Apparently an artist from Berlin – nice to see some visitors!

Pictures in Prague and elsewhere 011This next one is simple, but I enjoy the colors, flow, and use of compact space…

Pictures in Prague and elsewhere 014While my favorite graffiti is usually delineated and precise, I enjoy the piece below because the painter has used some different textures. From thin black lines to the crinkly-ness of plastic bags to the gaseous texture of the second bag’s contents, the artist has tried to incorporate different techniques into the same piece.  Cool!

Pictures in Prague and elsewhere 010


I am very uncomfortable taking shots of people.  But I really liked this couple, two silent beings on a rumbling, swaying bus with green lighting.  There was a beautiful rest in the moment that I hope the picture expresses.  People fall asleep on the public transport all the time, just rarely so tenderly.

Pictures in Prague and elsewhere 019

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