Ahoj! (About the Blogger)

That word is a casual, “Hello,”  in Czech.  It sounds like “Ahoy.”  Why does a country without maritime borders say this?  I’ll try to explain it sometime.  And the country has pirates in its past too!

Suffice to say, people are usually very pleased when they learn about or visit the Czech Republic.  And my goal is to bring a little of this surprise to anyone willing to read.    And if my words entice anyone to visit the CZ or Central Europe, all the better.   The address of the tourism company for which I work is here. 

But this blog isn’t primarily about promoting a company.  I’d like to use this forum as a means of expression and observation about a country I truly enjoy.  It could get factual, abstractual, and linguistically syntaxical up in here.  Subjects are going to range upon anything that has to do with the CZ and other Central European countries,  and I promise some due diligence before I post anything.  And sometimes my opinions might not correspond with your facts, dear readers, and sometimes your opinions won’t jive with my facts.  This probably won’t happen often, but when it does, I will respect you even if I think you are nuts.  I ask that you make the same effort for me.  Some people already do, and we get along wonderfully!

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